Che! Chimichurri

Grill's on... Where are you?!


WELCOME to CHE Chimichurri, a meat marinade born in the Andes of Patagonian Argentina. CHE Chimichurri is a hand-crafted, family-made meat marinade made fresh in Taos, New Mexico. Created to complement the flavor of your favorite cut of meat, not cover it up. From the Asados of the Gauchos to your barbeque at home, let CHE Chimichurri enhance your next barbeque with our Patagonian original and now our Habanero Hot varieties. Both are now available at Cids in Taos, La Montinita and Eldorado Market in Santa Fe and Whole Foods Market in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. 

The tradition of Chimichurri
Deep in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina the Gauchos spend their days working hard in the mountains. In the evenings when they finally have time to feed their souls they will enjoy an asado of the local meat they raise, accompanied by some home-grown greens from the garden and potatoes from the rich Patagonian soil. The meat is typically cooked over open-flame and is generously drenched in a home-made Chimichurri. At CHE Chimichurri we respect these traditions with our Patagonian original, and as New Mexicans we added a little twist with our Habanero hot. Try them both as a marinade or apply it generously when it's on the grill.

Remember CHE Chimichurri 100% NATURAL!  100% LOVE!